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Below is a presentation, by Charles Schmidt, of the photos taken for the UFL Carbonless Copy Paper Project.


Electron Microscope Photos by: Mr. Francis Jeff Opalko

Electron Microscope Pictures of the Carbonless Copy Paper

Bottom edge view of the top sheet of Carbonless Copy Paper (CCP) (Notice the microcapsules on the bottom of the paper).

Bottom coat of the top sheet of CCP (Notice some of the larger microcapsules have become dislodged through handling of the paper. Also notice the starch binder on the large microcapsules).

Magnified image of the microcapsules. (Notice again, through handling, the microcapsules have been ruptured.)

View of the CCP that has been written on. (Notice the line that separates the crushed microcapsules (the pen mark) from those that remain intact.)

I. Introduction

This project is a study of the effects of carbonless copy paper (CCP) on occupational workers. CCP has been a topic of investigation for its potentially toxic effects in recent years. Several organizations, including the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have investigated the topic. A literary search reveals that most of the studies involved contact dermatitis and inhalation. The occupational setting to be used for this investigation is the building of Finance and Accounting (Elmore Hall), located on the University of Florida campus.

II. Project Objective

The potential toxic effects of CCP to the occupational worker has been a topic of evaluation by the CDC and EPA, among other organizations, for several years. Chronic exposure to the paper has been linked to chemical sensitivities and medical complications (1-6). The Finance and Accounting Building (Elmore Hall) for the University of Florida campus has had a history of indoor air quality problems and medical complaints dating back to April of 1992. The employees at Elmore Hall spend a large portion of their working day exposed to CCP. The objective of this project is to make a correlation between the problems and the symptoms of the employees at Elmore Hall and their chronic exposure to CCP. 


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