Reasons why you should consider O2

O2 is one of the most growing telecommunications company in the UK right now with a customer base of over 25 million satisfied customers. The company has over 450 retail stores and sponsors making it easily accessible physically. Here are some of the features that separate O2 from the rest of the brands.

Impeccable customer service – for seven times running the company has won the award for the best customer satisfaction. This is because they are able to offer customer service to their customers easily just by calling the O2 contact number, using their online platforms or visiting their retail stores. At the retail stores you are offered support by what they refer to as the O2 tech gurus. These are people who are tech savvy and know what to do in case you present a problem to them.

Network coverage – O2 won the uSwitch award for best network coverage in the UK. The company runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks all around the UK. Their 4G network is also really fast and wide spread meaning you enjoy good coverage wherever you are. The company is looking to have 98% of the population covered by their network by the end of 2017. To achieve this they are looking to spend over £3bn for this project. This is a massive investment which also helps to improve the GDP of the economy and create jobs. In this project the company is also looking to upgrade and improve their 2G and 3G networks to stay ahead of time and competition.

Smartphone deals – the company offers good Smartphone deals to customers who want to upgrade or people who are looking to join the network. The deals are also posted online on their website which Is easy to navigate and use.  For the third year in a row their website has won the award of the Best website of the year. The website has a very good user experience and they use customer ideas to develop the website to what the customers want to be in it. The platform allows users to sell their Smartphones and upgrade easily to another phone after making the sale. This is really helpful especially when one needs an affordable phone which is just as good as new. Call the O2 contact number for more details.

The O2 app – this app helps you to easily manage your account. For compatible handsets you are able to login into the app using fingerprint recognition while for others it is easy to login into the app using your login details. You can be able to see who you have been calling and texting because the app syncs to your contacts. It is also easy to pay for your bills on the app using the secure card wallet feature and it remembers your card details for the next time you may need to use it, which is really helpful.



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