Beautify your space with green interior design

The trends of interior design is similar to the catwalks , where there is always new, trendy color that reflects the new season. I’m not talking about boring beige shades , but the new neutral colors that are bright, pleasant and in accordance with any decor . Neutral colors are acceptable , flexible and classical. Of course, after a long day you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere of your home , so you should choose colors that will relax and calm down.

Call the best interior designers and consult with them about what you want to do.Try to download them your wishes and listen to their advice. In agreement with them and their professional work , you will get the desired results. Make sure to use natural materials in order to live in a healthy environment . The air in our homes is probably quite polluted as everywhere, so you can keep in mind that this pollution should be reduced or completely neutralized.
The green color relaxes and invigorates

Green color will definitely be a good choice , regardless of whether it is on the walls , furniture or carpet and curtains. Neutral green goes with any décor from traditional to modern or minimalist . It comes in many shades – can appear as cold , green – gray or blue- green to suggest warmer tones of turquoise. Gray – green best fits to modern interiors. Greens have always been popular, as are the colors that can be found in nature , but nature never does not choose the wrong shade. Green soothes and brings energy, depending on its tone .
When you choose a green color for your interior you must be careful. To avoid the appearance of cold looks , we suggest you to avoid to use the green spaces that are turned to the north or choose green yellow warmer tones in these areas. Green can also be lively if accents in brightly colored hues like red and yellow. As with gray , green looks great with bold white. Lighting, flooring and furniture affect how a color will look like in the house.
Green interior design is very popular today. Green and gray are currently the most modern neutral colors you can use in your interior. Do not be afraid , paint some samples on your walls and live with them for several days , watching the color changes throughout the day . Finally , choose a neutral shade that opens up your space and allows the rest of your decor comes alive.

Make yourself comfortable

Select the appropriate furniture and enjoy. Liven up your space with details that will give the whole space more beautiful appearance. Do not forget plants that will further highlight the beauty of the green and merging with nature. It has long been known that plants decorating the space , as they donate indoors refreshingly pleasant climate. The air in the room is not so dry ,plants decompose toxic substances and they are a real filter for dust particles.

Their presence prevents too much dry air , resulting in heated rooms. Plants in an apartment are particularly useful for the degradation of toxic substances, because they treated the air. When you finished all, you have just to relax and enjoy. Imagine an afternoon here after a busy day . Is there anything more beautiful ? Everything looks like a green oasis where everyone wanted to rest or read a book .

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