The Art of Beard Growing – For Hard “Growers”

How Quickly Can You Grow a Beard?

Earlier beard on his face was an integral part of human attributes, pointing to their status and power. There was also a period in Russia’s history, when the beards were a religious symbol, but eventually they fell out of favor and became a lost art…

Beard Oil Balm

https://www.beardoilbalm.netNow this can be a problem for a man at any age, I don’t care if you’re 18 or a 28 year old man you could still be in the process of trying to squeeze out your first full beard. Discarding the actually physiological imbalance for a second (I’ll get into those later), let’s start with start with the most obvious reasons why your mom has more facial hair than you and work our way into the more dark arts of beard growing. Beard Oil Balm


But time does not stand still, and with the changes in fashion and people are looking at different. Beards are back being trendy and now all kinds of men trying to grow it, and that can be a problem sometimes because not all men are created equal. But since this this attribute has become a symbol of masculinity and sexuality, everyone’s on-board.

But not everyone can grow at the typical rate (only 1-1.5 cm per month), but because the strong half of our society is constantly on the lookout for a variety of ways, creams and ointments that accelerates beard growth.

But is there really such means? Is there really a way to speed up the growth?

Why not grow facial hair?

The main reason for the poor growth of the beard is a low level of testosterone. In this case, a doctor’s visit and a special treatment usually in the form of TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is needed to get your hormone levels in check.

What to expect?

Why HRT has been called the miracle treatment by men who previously suffered from lower testosterone levels they aren’t specifically referring to hair growth. They are talking about the energy they reclaim from the regimen but as many will attest to they see a rise in overall hair growth. Body & facial hair specifically, usually appearing within the first few months of treatment.

What Else Is There?

While it’s not advised by the medical community, Rogaine for beard growth has been used for years. The old hair growth treatment that was intended for your scalp made it’s way down to the chin as men got desperate to find ways to get their facial hair growing.

There are many claims on either side of the argument of the effectiveness of the product but this is usually seen as a last resort anyway.

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