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The goal of this site is to provide all the information available on the toxicity of carbonless copy paper (CCP) with reported adverse health problems associated in using or handling ccp. The purpose is to educate the general public, including occupational users, teachers and parents, of the potential adverse health effects of carbonless copy paper. The site will endeavor to provide informative information gathered world wide from government (US-NIOSH, EPA, OSHA, CPSC, CDC); public records; public or private (manufacturers) research studies; from articles; medical documents and studies; and presenting manufacturers internal correspondence. contains a list of the health problems possibly caused by CCP, as well as a multitude of links to other sources of information. The intention is to provide you with any and all relevant information regarding possible CCP health hazards. If you are aware of other Internet sites, or sources of information that this site has not provided a link to, please e-mail them to the address on the contact page.

Symptoms of exposure:

Headaches, burning pain in the nose and throat, sinus pain and pressure, hoarseness, dry eyes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, altered renal functions, irritation of the digestive tract, diabetes, lung damage, coughing, pulmonary edema, lack of muscle coordination, dizziness, confusion, irritation of the skin, anaphylaxis, delayed reaction time, memory difficulties, insomnia, tremors, miscarriages and GYN problems, liver inflammation, tiredness/lethargy, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, asthma and hematological disorders.

How you can help? The largest manufacturer of carbonless copy paper and thermal paper has gone on the record stating none of their workers are sick. Are you currently or formerly employed by one of the manufacturers of carbonless copy paper, the printing of carbonless copy paper, and used or handled large amounts of ccp? If so, have you or co-workers been diagnosed with any of the following: prostrate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer, cancerous brain tumors, liver cancer, kidney cancer or failure, skin cancer, fibroid tumors, lumpomatic (fatty) tumors, leukemia, respiratory problems, bone cancer, seizures, cysts, heart problems and/or attacks, diabetes, aneurisms, IBS, and thyroid? Have there been premature deaths or fatalities? Has your treating physician diagnosed chemical injury or chemical sensitization? Has your physician done blood tests looking for PFOS, PFOA in Scotchban, formaldehyde, dioxins, PCBs and PCB substitute chemicals, TDI, TMA and isocyanates? Has your physician requested the MSDS, raw data sheets, reports etc, and chemical components used in the manufacture of carbonless copy paper? OSHA law requires that the manufacturers and employers supply all the above. Has your employer installed bio hazard receptacles for diabetes needles in the rest rooms? A Ohio paper mill has installed receptacles because of the high incidence of diabetes in their workers. We are gathering all the above documentation as evidence on the acute toxicity of carbonless copy paper. See contact page on email address.

The following is an updated list of chemicals in carbonless copy paper, its components, or additives. We will be adding to the list periodically:

** A sincere thank you to Sharon McLaughlin for her dedication, tenacity and committment to this cause. Without Sharon, this website would not exist. She spent years researching patents, scouring court records and advising countless victims who became casualities of the paper industry. We thank you.

****Children should never handle carbonless copy paper/duplicate forms or thermal paper receipts. Research shows that the exposure to BPA from thermal paper is 250 to 1000 x more then canned goods or plastics. We do not know how much BPA is in carbonless copy paper, but Appleton Papers' employees have come forward and confirmed BPA is in the product.

PRIVACY STATEMENT for, We are committed to safeguard of your privacy. We will not sell, give or otherwise release any of your personal information or e-mails to any third party without your written consent. We request that all e-mails and correspondence have the following statement at the beginning: "This is to be considered personal and confidential not to be re-released." All those that have contacted us are considered privileged personal correspondence treated as personal and confidential communication!


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